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Hi, it's me, Sandy Penny.

It's my intention to make this site up close and personal, friendly, compassionate, loving and profoundly significant, interesting and frequency elevating.

Being lighthearted and fun does not preclude being deeply connected to Spirit and bringing through amazing insights and ah ha moments. In fact, it's a must. Seriously - no not seriously, JOYFULLY.  Get with the program.

Insight #1:  Joy is the test for spiritual succcess.

If you're not having fun, it's time to embrace your inner child and ask for help to create your happiness.

Insight #2: Love yourself first, and it will be easy to love others. Forgive yourself first, and forgiveness will spring naturally from your compassion for others.

There is only room for discernment in our lives. Judgment and suffering are part of the old Piscean Age Paradigm. Move on and vibrationally upward. Embrace the concept that you can be surrounded by loving, supportive people and create amazing community everywhere you go.

The Beginning, Traveling the Path of the Heart ... read more     

Download an Electronic Talisman for love, joy and all good things in your life.

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