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Oneness: There Can be Only One 

Why can there be only one? Well, science has shown that when you break down any material and continue to separate it into its smallest parts, currently known as quarks or quanta, all quarks are the same. There is no difference in them, so what differentiates forms of matter if you and I and your kitchen table are made of the same stuff? Consciousness is the answer.

How do we know that consciousness is the answer? In the 1970s, according to Gary Zukov, in The Dancing Wu Li Masters, (the first layman's guide to Quantum Physics) researchers had discovered quarks, and as they tried to define the characteristics of a quark, they experienced that whatever the individual researcher thought about the quarks, seemed to be true.

For instance, if the researcher thought the quarks would behave like individual particles, then it did. If the researcher thought it would behave like a stream, it did. It defied the laws of empirical science because it did not always behave in the same way. It behaved as the researcher expected or anticipated.

Out of that came the understanding that all matter is made up of the same "stuff" (a technical term), and that all matter is held together as a conscious image, or else it would just be a bunch of quarks bouncing around.

So, as you ponder that, what does it mean to your life? 

Whatever your expectations of life
(on conscious and unconscious levels), 
your life will become.

This one statement causes a tremendous amount of resistance because our egos mistake this as being blamed for the undesirable results in our life. If you can set aside the resistance, set aside disbelief, and empower yourself to just begin changing your expectations to more positive ones, then life can begin to change. In a single moment of allowing this to be true for you, and continuing to "act as if" it is, magic happens. Eventually, magic becomes life and life becomes magic.

As long as you defend your point of view, you will stay stuck. Just choose to take the positive steps and say the positive things as if you know them to be true. And be open and accepting of the new and good that is magnetized to you.

Let it be!


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