Traveling The Path of the Heart, the Path of Love

Many Paths to Choose 

Your life is your spiritual path, and you can never go astray.

You chose certain tools, gifts, talents, attractions, obstacles, and challenges before you came to earth so you could accomplish what your soul agreed to do, your mission.

First you chose how your life would begin. What your birth would be like. What kind of parents & family would best suit your mission. You have had many lifetimes of learning and expressing, each one different, each one containing some of the elements of the others.

That is called Karma

Karma is the set of elements in your life that will repeatedly present challenges and rewards that help you accomplish your mission.

You don't have to know what your mission is to be accomplishing it. You don't have to know what your karma is to resolve it. If you take right action from your heart center of love, you will resolve karma.

If you are consciously working on your spiritual path, you will stop judging your life and your choices and embrace them as steps toward the fulfillment of your mission.

You will also stop judging others because you will know they too are working on their karma. At a certain point, you can become conscious of your karma and just let it go - a process I know as karma sloughing. Like a snake shedding its skin, it just starts to fall away.

Now is the time of karma sloughing (pronounced sluffing). It's time to choose to contribute your highest and best to creating the New Age, the new world and your new life.

What are you focusing on?

What are you choosing by putting energy into it?

What are you being in this world?

Are you making conscious choices or just following the group consciousness?

Are you getting what you want?

Is what you think getting in the way of what you want to manifest? 

Your conscious spiritual path usually begins ... more to come.

There are Paths other than Love

There is the path of the mind, (also known as the scientific path), the path of materialism and money (sometimes known as the corporate path), the path of power and control, the path of art and emotions, the path of Oneness, and many others. 

My path is the path of LOVE!

Aligning with All That Is 

As you begin this conscious journey with me, call yourself back to center, to the center of who you are, to the point within the oneness that chose to individuate into your body, personality and experience.

Daily Practice, Acknowledge

My heart is aligned with the source of all that is.

The love I am radiates throughout my entire being. I am a point of love within the stream of love divine. My purest loving passion informs all that I am and do.

My mind is aligned with the source of all that is, and love informs all my thoughts, ideas and inspirations.

My voice is aligned with the source of all that is, and I speak with the love that is my true nature. I am the voice of love.

My emotions are aligned with the source of all that is, and I feel the joy of sacred union with all that is divine. All is divine, all is in divine order, I am divine. I am.

My inner and outer visions are aligned with the source of all that is, and I see through the eyes of love. I envision the highest good for all creation. I am the seer of love. I am the be-er of love.

My body is aligned with the source of all that is, and I am a perfect manifestation of Oneness. All is well, and I am well. I walk my path in harmony, balance and openness. I breathe in oneness. I breathe out love. I expand and contract as love shines through me.

My connection is aligned with the source of all that is. I exchange divine light, energy and communication with the infinite expression of divine love. My entire body, mind and spirit radiates and exchanges the light of source. I am the center of all that is. I am loving thought, loving speech, loving action. I am love being me. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I am whole. I am love.

I am.

"Where there is love,
no laws are needed."


My Path is Love

In 1989, I had a ruptured appendix. I was in the hospital after surgery, and dead people were gathered around my bed beckoning me and encouraging me to cross over.

Then I heard a voice that I recognized as one of my guides or teachers. He said, "You can go if you choose to." I replied that my children were too young, (age two for the youngest and that I had not fulfilled my agreements with them), so I wanted to stay, and I wanted to get back to my spiritual work.

He said, very matter of factly, "That's fine, we're happy to hear that, but if you stay, you must follow the path of the heart. The path of the mind has taken you as far as it can."

I didn't know what that meant, I thought I was on the path of love, so that was a bit of a shock. I replied that apparently I did not know how to do that, so they would have to show me. He said, "We will." And with that, my body began to rapidly heal, and I began to focus on love, and my life began to transform with each loving step I took.

So, basically, with a few mentions of other paths, what I represent is the Path of Love. This is different than the Path of Devotion, but has some of the same elements. The Path of Devotion is pouring love into a guru, an individual, a world service, a God, or something else where your devotion is mainly to a single entity, group or purpose.

The path of love, on the other hand requires living a life of love. Loving yourself, loving others, loving the world, loving your life, loving your work. Your entire existence strives to be an act of love.

The challenges include:

  1. Bringing the ego into the path of love in ways that honor it and not to judge the ego as bad, something to be anihilated or stripped of power. Loving the ego into cooperation with your divinity is one of the goals. The ego is valuable.
  2. Loving family and friends for who they are and not what you want them to be, striving toward unconditional love. Unconditional love is almost impossible while in a body because there are limitations and expectations rampant in this world.
  3. Releasing judgment of those who act in unloving ways. Striving to love them as the divine spirit that is challenged by this human experience, as each of us is. 
  4. Loving the difficulties in life and knowing that we are being challenged to new levels of love, acceptance and allowing.
  5. We can create new paradigms that are more joyful, more loving, more compassionate, and fille with beauty. We can learn through joy. 

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