Insight: What you create for others first lives in your life.

Words are NOT the activating power in creating your life. Words are only representations of the visual images you see or want to see in your creative process. The pictures created by the words are the activating factor in what you experience. And the internal reactions to those pictures may not be what you think it is.

What does that mean and how does that work? The universal manifesting energy is set up to respond to visual pictures and emotional energy. And you are the generator of that energy in your life creation. So, if you envision a powerful picture of something you want and charge it with intentional emotional energy, there will be a response at a level equal to the energy you put into the emotionally charged visual. However, your internal response to that energy may be skewed by your emotional past.

When you say, "I am love," there are visual images that represent what love means to you. Those images have been influenced by your family, the movies you watch, social conditioning, fantasies and religious training. If you close your eyes and say, "I am love," what images come to mind? Those are the pictures that will be activated in your life by saying that affirmation. And, "I am" statements are the most powerful because they are statements of being in the NOW. They invoke instant pictures of what you say I am about. That being said, you really have to monitor how you use the words "I AM." If you say, "I am a joyful expression of divine love," what pictures are generated by that? Do you see yourself dancing, laughing, sharing with other people? Meditate on the pictures that come up. If a backlash against that statement shows up, you don't believe what you're saying, and the picture of the backlash is re-empowered in your life.

Now, back to the insight. If you are envious, jealous or angry at someone, and you wish them harm, like thinking, "I hope she loses all her money." What do you think will happen first? That emotionally charged picture will bounce back to you, and create whatever your picture of "losing all her money" means to you. And that will live in your life. Be very cautious about what you wish for other people.

If you are angry, what is the best response? Transform the picture into something you would want. Envision that person performing an act of kindness to you or someone else. In the workplace, this is particularly difficult, and is an opportunity to return your focus to love. It's not easy to do this. It takes a lot of practice and real intention to manifest love. But, it's worth it because that energy of love will return to you according to your emotional charge for your highest and best good, or your highest and best fears. Love and fear are both powerful manifestors. Which would you like to live by? Which would you like to live in your life? What you create for others first lives in your life. Remember, the best revenge is living well. You will live well when you always create from a place of love inside you.

This is the law of attraction at work. You attract the things you love the most, and you attract the things you fear the most.

Your subconscious mind talk (reflections of the hidden pictures within you) are working for or against you all the time. It's your response-ability to to monitor what's going on within you. It can be a big help to have a trusted friend that you empower and give permission to reflect back to you when they hear you saying something that may boomerang on you. For instance, if you say, "I am always getting into traffic jams." Well, using the word always indicates a program, either negative or positive. To counteract that, say, "My path is always clear. My life runs smoothly and effortlessly."

The other helpful activity is to get a spiritual life coach to dialogue with you on a regular basis and reflect back to you positive replacements for the words that are creating negative pictures that live in your life. If you can't currently afford a life coach, get a friend and agree to actively listen to each other for hidden patterns. Since it comes from your subconscious, you may not be able to recognize what you're saying, but others can observe it because they are not emotionally attached to the pattern. You have to choose someone your really trust to be honest with you though, otherwise it can become a battle that affects your friendship. Also, you have to agree to "hear" the other person when they reflect back to you what you're saying. You can't get defensive and say things like, "well that's not how I meant it." The truth is, that you did not know that's what you secretly meant, and if you deny it instead of correcting it, the pattern will continue to create according to the emotional charge.

When you shift into creating from a place of love, you will activate more good in your life than you might ever expect. Magic will happen, synchronicity will increase and joy will bubble up from every corner of you existence.


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