Working with the Group Consciousness

By: Sandy Penny, Published in the New Era Times

One of the legendary stories to illustrate how the group consciousness works is “The Hundredth Monkey” tale. It goes like this:

Back in the 1960s, a group of scientists and students were researching the social behaviors of a species of monkeys on a group of islands. The main food for these monkeys was sweet potatoes. The monkeys would dig them up and eat them right out of the ground. One day, one of the monkeys accidentally dropped a sweet potato into a pool of water. She retrieved it, and when she ate it, liked it better than eating it with the dirt on it. She began to wash her sweet potatoes every day. Her children and friends began to imitate her, and soon the whole island was washing their sweet potatoes.

Soon after this happened, researchers on the other islands that were part of the study noticed that the monkeys spontaneously began to wash their sweet potatoes. It was therefore posited that a species has a group consciousness that extends beyond physical connection, and once a certain number (termed “the hundredth monkey”) of that species begins to accept and repeat a behavior, the whole species will accept the behavior spontaneously.

Spiritual people and light workers have accepted and operated from this theory since ancient times. One of the paths of service for self determined light workers is the practice of intentionally focusing on a thought or vision they would like to see manifest in the human social structure in order to plant that seed in the group consciousness. I’m not talking about personal manifestation now, but change in the whole of humanity.

That sounds like a tall order, and it is. It requires personal clarity about the intention and clear focus during the process. If any negative feelings about the intention are held within you, it can counterbalance the thought form. Don’t be discouraged by that. It just means that you have to clear your doubts, judgments and personal fears, then continue with your focus.

The best way to implant a thought form into the group consciousness is to visualize large numbers of people practicing a certain behavior. For instance, see people sharing abundant food with each other in all the ways that might happen – banquets where people are sitting down together and sharing food, people delivering baskets and bags of food to those in need. Farmers growing abundant, healthy crops, and concern that all people are fed healthy, natural foods.

Right before you go to bed, instead of just praying for what you want in the world, spend some time visualizing a particular vision that excites you. It should be something that is for the highest and best good of all people. Once you get the vision firmly in your mind, you can imagine sending it out through your third eye (the center of your forehead) to all people. You may find yourself dreaming about these changes.

Although it should not be the reason for doing this, you will find the more time you spend seeing beautiful visions for the world, the better your life will become. You may experience more happiness, fulfillment and an expanded sense of purpose. I personally do this almost every night, and in the morning, I give thanks for all the goodness in the world.

Also, when a catastrophe is looming, like a hurricane, a tsunami, volcanoes erupting, earthquakes, anything like that that strikes fear in the human mind, you can help. Fear makes things worse, so if you choose to sit peacefully visualizing positive outcomes and actions, you can help counteract the group fear response. Your positive, conscious, intentional visions are more powerful because you chose them. You did not just participate in what the group consciousness was reacting to. When you participate in the group fears, you are contributing to the negative outcomes. The more conscious and intentional you become, the more powerful and effective you become in the group consciousness. Believe me when I say that we are powerful beyond measure, and our thoughts count.

If you’re not sure what you’d like to focus on, here are my top ten:

  1. Intend and visualize all people having plenty of food, clean water, and shelter.

  2. Intend and visualize peace in the world and imagine what that would look like to you. Imagine peace in the hearts of those who have experienced past traumas. Imagine forgiveness in abundant supply.

  3. Intend and visualize creative people creating beautiful art, music and functional tools for the world and making a good living sharing their creations.

  4. Intend and visualize happy families and communities enjoying each other, participating together in projects for the good of the whole.

  5. Intend and visualize the leaders of this world and corporations being responsible to their constituents and customers and caring about their welfare and providing products and services that enhance the quality of life for all people.

  6. Intend and visualize educational models that serve all the different needs of all age people who want to continue learning, making learning exciting, fun and useful for the good of the whole.

  7. Intend and visualize that all people find their heart’s and soul’s desires and their true mission on this planet, their reason for being here that brings them joy.

  8. Intend and visualize acceptance and the embracing of all religions, beliefs, creeds and practices that serve the good of the whole and make this world a better place to live.

  9. Intend and visualize solid innovative ideas and practices that solve the challenges we face in the world for the good of all people, animals and the earth itself.

  10.  Intend and visualize love and respect for the earth, our eco-system, animals and all people as our basic underlying and active principle.

If you believe, intend and visualize these ideals, you can change the world. You can be the hundredth monkey.